„We survived Mexico“ should be written on the official t-shirts, as many pilots say. For every hanglider pilot and airsport fan was a must to watch this great sky battle.

After 8 valid tasks and 882 raced kilometers, the name of the new world champion is known. Christian Ciech, Icaro glider pilot, who already have several world class titles on rigid wings is this year #1. His flying style dominated this championship. Only 114 points behind him Antoine Boisselier  took second place, also with his Icaro 2000 Laminar. The third medal name name is Christian Voiblet flying Aeros Combat C.

Watch the world results here

Výstřižek2 Výstřižek



Flying in Valle de Bravo is defenitelly not an easy task. Mostly because of the unusual height and thin air. Starting and landing above 2000m. Only few landing places. Thermals taking you to heights more than 4000m, where some pilots flew with oxygen.

There were some injuries and bad landings. Last flying day, sadly Christian Voiblet had an accident while landing. He was taken to the hospital by a helicopter with a badly broken arm. Even if the last 2 days were flyable, he deserves his medal for the great performance. Watching him battling with czech pilot Petr Beneš for every point was amazing experience. Both pilots pushed themselves to their limits, but still with all the friendly mood shook their hands after each landing. Great spirit!

To fly and to compete is pure fun. After landing it should be pure friendship. That is the best way. Pilots who are able to manage all the rush and still somehow remain in sync with the nature, where they have privilege to live, to fly, only those are the best. It doesn’t matter if they stand on podium with medal.



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