Amazing four tasks have been already flown during the World hang gliding championship. The current leader Christian Ciech shows virtuosity in flight and he is leading by almost 144 pts after 4 tasks. Just behind him is Boisselier Antoine flying also Icaro 2000 Laminar. These guys at the top shows incredible skills, while legendary „veterans“ and record holders of hang gliding are left few hundreds points behind them. But the competition is still on and everyone have a chance to change the results!

Surprisingly the 3rd man in the current ranking is the new rising star from Czech Republic Petr Beneš. And while we czech fans, watch our whole team, he shines bright. Petr is flying  a brand new Aeros Combat and slices the air as he had never before! He seems to work well in gaggles, but he certainly does his best while flying solo lines. Not every competition pilot is able to fly at high xc speed without a gaggle and use the air so efficiently. Extensive skills and big flying heart allows Petr to fly ahead, even alone!


Petr landed after superb final glide.


Interview with current world #3 Petr Beneš

How do you feel? Are you tired?

I feel tired, the air is wild and my backs are a little bit in pain. Most turbulent air is around start and my new wing don’t feel so comfortable as my old one. I try to avoid gaggles and save the energy.

I watched you on livetrakcing during the task 3, you shown great airmanship while catching the leaders. The final speed glide against Jonny Durand was great.

Some pilots are very rude. I find 4m/s up, they came and push me out ot the core and few seconds later they can’t center the most powerfull core properly. At the end of the glide I went a little bit too slow, conservative, and Johny almost caugth me. I have to push my Combat really hard, the speed was sometimes more than 120 km/h.

How many tasks are still ahead?

I think it will be possible to fly 8 more tasks, but there is a frontal system incoming. Maybe there will be a rest day.

What about flying condition?Tell me more about the rest of the team.

Well the wind changes a lot and there are a lot of convergence lines to be found. Vlasta Bartas was unhappy when one task was invalidated for him, after not taking one turn point. We still don’t know how it happened, his instrument marked the point as valid during the flight. But he’s ok with it and he enjoys the flying, it was few meters but there is nothing we can do about it. Hes back in the game, doing his best. Jirka Gut is ill and he’s returning home. Dan Vyhnalík seems to be ok, calm.


Few seconds after landing


Livetracking and more information

Don’t miss the oportunity to watch the livetracking. The local time in Mexico is UTC -6 and the first start gate usually opens after lunch.

The task info can be found here:, from there you can also open livetracking in your browser.

The official results can be found here: where you also can found more information and photos.

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